In addition to regular flea market faire, the Lawrence Flea will be hosting designers/artists at each event. Our first artist’s name is Emmy Rice and she owns Typo! I have asked her a couple questions so that you can get to know her and additionally I have added some pictures of recent work that she has done for clients. She will be bringing to the flea some gift and holiday cards.


Hello! I print all things letterpress, from wedding invites to baby announcements. This shop is the space where my love for letterpress, design, and family come together. When I am not printing, I put my MFA to work teaching and writing about graphic design.

Favorite Flea Market Find:

1 stained pink chair a friend helped me recover and now sits proudly in my living room.

What do you collect?

Type! I’m a complete nut for typography and grab and old wood type that I see!

Dog or cat person?


If you are interested in seeing Emmy’s portfolio, you can see more pictures at Emmy’s blog at emmyrice.com. And she will also be at the annual Lawrence Arts Center’s Bizarre Bizarre.


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