Who am I?


I have been contacted by several different vendors and asked, “just who are you?” So I thought I would write a post so you could get to know me better.

My name is Angela Longhurst, I was raised in NE Kansas, and have lived in Lawrence full time since 1995. I graduated from art school at KU, where I learned the foundations of design. With that knowledge, I work as a designer at a floral shop and also am the owner of my own upholstery business. Additionally, I work at the public library. If I ever entered school again, I would study interior design. I really enjoy reading blogs and books on how to mix different styles of furniture, pattern, and color. The best designs come from mixing up good solid antique and vintage pieces with modern touches of fabric, accessories, and art.

Together with my grandfather’s estate sale and my mother’s antique furniture addiction, I believe I was born into the idea that “they dont make things like they useto.” After being raised by my mother dragging me into every antique store and flea market around, I learned the art of browsing and love of the hunt. I enjoy owning an item or piece of furniture that holds history and hopefully hearing a good story about its past from the vendor.

I am hoping that the market that I have started in Lawrence reflects my favorite open air flea markets, a place where a community of people can leave with a good story, a perfect item, and a full belly of flea food.

Now lets all just hope for great weather the first Saturday of every month!


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