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Dont throw away that rug!

Dont throw away that rug!

So my cute pomeranian has been less than nice to my sisal rug, in fact, she has declared herself the owner of this rug. It is very difficult to clean sisal, so as not to toss it to the curb for just acouple small stains, I painted a distracting pattern ontop of it! I cant take credit for the idea, I have seen it done many times on different blogs that I follow. I obsessed with chevron prints right now, so I blocked out the pattern with blue painters tape in a chevron-like pattern, threw down acouple shades of housepaint, and voila! You can see the finished product here on the left. I did this project last summer, and it has held up remarkably well with me, a husband, and two dogs.

Here are two additional examples of customized rugs that I really like.

Another great idea, that now I wish I would have thought about…maybe I will repaint it again???