Monthly Archives: April 2013

Bad news from the Lawrence Flea

It is with deep regret that I must inform everyone that the Lawrence Flea will not be restarting this spring.
This has been a gradual but also sudden change of plans for me. I wish to save you my griveances, my intentions were to bootstrap this business myself. However, after my first bout of media attention I was contacted by the city planning department and was informed that the TeePee Junction location was to my surprise in the city limits. This meant that I must pay a large special event fee each time I was at that location. I tried moving the location last year, but also found that I would have to move it halfway thru the year to keep my permit fees low. I dont feel that this was is a good option. At the start, I wished to reinvest my profits to make each market better than the last. But it has been a slow start for the market and I can no longer float the excess expenses.
I believe I have given it a good start and would be happy to divulge further information to anyone who might be serious about taking over what I have started, including my blog, FB, Pintrest and Twitter accounts.

Many thanks for your support in the past two years,

Angela Longhurst